Papa’s 50′s Diner

Papa’s 50′s Diner
3500 Canyon de Flores
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
(520) 378-1950

Good Food : 4/5 | Good Service : 5/5

Craving simple American sandwich food, my co-worker and I headed to Papa’s 50′s Diner while working in Sierra Vista. Rebooted after the current owners purchased & re-opened the place back in 2011, this 50′s era neon-adorned diner sticks out among the scrub and brush of the Sierra Vista landscape. The 50′s decor continues inside, with the counter and booth seats covered in sparkly blue vinyl, blue neon lighting on the ceiling, metal hanging lamps above each table and 50′s era metal signs decorating the walls. Like any diner, there is the obligatory pie case (a small one sitting on the counter) with several fruit and cream pies.

Since this is a diner, I decided to get breakfast for dinner. I ordered the Papa’s combo, which is a 3 egg cheese omelet with hash browns & a side order of biscuits and sausage gravy. Instead of the omelet I subbed scrambled eggs & also opted for a side cup of grits. Like any good diner, the food was not gourmet level. The biscuits with sausage gravy actually used a white flour gravy with pieces of pork breakfast sausage sprinkled all over the covered biscuits, unfortunately not a true sausage gravy. But, the sausage was very tasty and the gravy had a good consistency. The biscuits were not the light cake-like Southern biscuit, but were reminiscent of smaller Northern biscuits and slightly dense. My eggs were scrambled a little on the firm side. And mirroring the hyper sodium awareness trend, no salt in my eggs or grits.

While the food was the expected standard diner quality, what made it was the service. Kathy, a new waitress, made several checks to confirm specifics of our dishes after taking our order. She was genuinely wanting to make sure that we had a good dining experience – contrary to some the negative service reviews that some people had cited.

So if you’re craving that 50′s diner experience in southwestern Arizona, stop by Papa’s 50′s Diner for a trip down nostalgia lane.

Biscuits and sausage gravy

Scrambled eggs, grits and hash browns

Inside shot of the diner

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