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Fairport Hots

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Fairport Hots
1226 Fairport Road
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 586-4540

Good Food : 3.5/5  | Good Service : 3.5/5

My co-worker had cited the need to try a Rochester garbage plate during our stay, so after getting several local recommendations we decided to try the ones from Fairport Hots. If you have never heard of a garbage plate, this is a dish made famous by Nick Tahou Hots, a dive restaurant located in downtown Rochester. This restaurant is holder of the ‘garbage plate’ trademark and originator of this high-calorie dish. Since they first starting offering this dish, many other food establishments have added their own spin/variant of the garbage plate.

A a typical ‘garbage plate’ is a combination of one or more meats (cheeseburger, hamburger, red hots, white hots, Italian sausage, chicken tenders, fish (usually haddock), fried ham, grilled cheese, or eggs) and two sides dishes (home fries, French fries, baked beans, or macaroni salad). Topping options include ketchup, mustard and onions, and some type of hot sauce. The sauce can vary from being a simple red hot sauce, or one flavored with spices and slowly simmered ground beef (the more traditional offering). To add to your carbohydrate intake, the dish is usually served with rolls or Italian bread slices/toast on the side.

Fairport Hots has an extensive plate offering (see their menu listing here). To minimize the hit on our arteries, we split the mid-sized ‘Varsity Plate’. This size comes with your choice of 3 meats (red or white hots, hamburger or cheeseburger patties) and choice of 2 sides: home fries, french fries, macaroni salad or baked beans. We chose the home fries as our starch and the macaroni salad, and got 1 white hot and 2 cheeseburgers for our meat.

Fairport Hots is not a gourmet food place – whether you do a sit-in or takeout order, your food is packaged into a styrofoam take-out container. Service is quick and no-nonsense, with plastic utensils and paper napkins. The menu reflects the type of quick food that satisfies a 2am late night craving after a night of partying and/or drinking.

Both of us agreed that their version of a garbage plate lived up to our expectations. The blandness of the macaroni salad balanced out the heavy flavors of the other ingredients, while the starch from the home fries potatoes went well with the burger patties and white hot meat. The meat sauce had just enough spice to distinguish it from comparing to a meat chili, and helped moisten the potatoes. The blending of flavors helps satisfy our ‘junk food’ craving for a long time.