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Tortas Frontera Revisit #3

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Tortas Frontera Revisit #3

Good Food : 3.5/5 | Good Service : 4/5

A cool fall day traveling back home through Chicago O’Hare’s airport had me craving warm soup, so I decided to try one of Tortas Frontera’s soups instead of going for a full torta. Despite the long afternoon line, my 1.5 hour layover gave me enough time to order and enjoy my soup before hopping on the next plane.

There are 2 soups offered – a classic tortilla soup on a chicken broth base and a vegetarian corn chowder. I chose the corn and poblano soup as I wanted something light & didn’t want the Chihuahua cheese mentioned in the tortilla soup description.

TortasFrontera_CornChowder-bowl TortasFrontera_CornChowder-spoon

This soup is vegetarian, using a vegetable broth base and contains sweet corn kernels, slivers of poblano peppers, cilantro crema and queso cotija crumbles. The cilantro crema adds a subtle layer, which you don’t taste and seems immediately lost by the heavy poblano and sweet corn flavors. The poblanos are only mildly spicy, and the sweet corn helps balance the poblano peppers. Crumbles of the cotija cheese give some texture, but overall this is a smooth chowder-type soup. Slivers of sliced red onions are sauteed and also help support the sweet/savory flavor profile.

If you don’t like any type of spice then this is not the soup for you – even though the mild poblano peppers don’t provide an up-front kick, there is a slow build of spiciness the more spoonfuls you eat. But, it is the type of spiciness that does not linger & dissipates quickly.

My disappointments with this soup is that unlike the tortilla soup, this is served ‘naked’ without any crispy tortilla strips or other side accompaniments. You can purchase chips if you need something to go with your soup, but I think that at least some tortilla strips would have helped finish the soup more nicely. And compared with being priced the same as the tortilla soup, I didn’t feel you got your money’s worth of ingredients compared to the tortilla soup considering that this came in a small 3″ high container.