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Coffee shop/cafe business update …

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

During the holiday get-together, a friend and I were talking about the lack of customer service that our local food businesses seem to have as a common trait. I learned an interesting update to my rant post about the coffee shop/cafe owner who didn’t seem to put their customers’ wants first :

Originally, this business opened as a franchise location of a well-known local cafe business. Obviously, it was easier to piggy-back off a well-known name and existing business infrastructure than trying to open as a new business, and I don’t fault the owner for taking this route.

However, it seems that the bad customer service issues that my husband & friends had experienced evidently were brought to light to the main corporate offices. Evidently we weren’t the only ones complaining about this franchise location – the cafe owner was told that she could no longer operate as one of their official franchises due to the customer complaints that they had received, and that the business had to remove all references to the franchise name.

My husband and I had wondered why about 2 years ago that the cafe has removed the franchise name from their business signs and were simply known by a portion of the original business name. So it looks like karma eventually caught up to this business owner after all.