Delicious Tamales

Delicious Tamales
San Antonio, TX

Good Food : 4/5 Good Service : 4/5

Ah, tamales! During my travels to San Antonio, TX my client enlightened me to San Antonio’s hidden treasure – traditional Mexican tamales.

We have a couple of Mexican restaurants in our area, but these local tamales always turned out to be dry with a ratio of lots of masa to very little tamale filling, drenched in red or green sauce. I don’t think they were always locally made, but sometimes were frozen ones re-heated. So I’ve never been a big fan of tamales …. until I had the ones from San Antonio.

I sampled tamales from several different San Antonio vendors, but the hubbie and I ended up coming back to the ones from Delicious Tamales. Fortunately, the main tamale factory was a short drive away from my hotel, so I was able to bring back several batches during my 1 year assignment. I still remember the TSA staff person who went through my carry-on bag on my return flight home and joked that she would have to confiscate my tamales because she hadn’t had lunch yet :lol:

Pork, pork with jalapeno, bean, bean with cheese, bean with jalapeno, chicken, shredded beef – the list goes on and on. And that doesn’t include the special holiday versions that only show up near the Thanksgiving/ Christmas holiday season, or the sweet versions that some tamale vendors will make on the weekends.

While some may argue that Delicious’s tamales are a little on the greasy side, that is also what makes them taste so good! The pork tamales from Tejas Barbacoa are a close second, but we like the smaller tamales from Delicious as they allow you to enjoy the masa to filling ratio better, and you don’t feel stuffed from eating just one tamale.

I’ve had great service experiences when I have ordered a ‘ship box’ packed when I brought back a box of tamales as my check-in luggage. The staffperson manning the cash register when I picked up my box orders were even nice enough to pack in tamales that I had ordered from different tamales places. :D

If I don’t get sent back to Texas soon, I may break down and have a box shipped home as we’ve gone through our frozen cache …

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