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Blue Nami

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Blue Nami
Roseville, CA
Good Food : 4.5/5 Good Service : 4.5/5

Surprising to me, there are several sushi places in Roseville, CA all within a 10 minute radius which seem to not lack from regular patronage to keep them going. One of my co-workers found this place when she was dining alone.

This Blue Nami location is actually run by Koreans. They are located in one of the new shopping plazas which were built on Eureka Rd in Roseville next to Bravo Pastaria, tucked between 2 other storefronts. Their storefront is fairly subdued, and this means that they don’t get a lot of foot traffic compared to the other sushi locations, which is a boon if you’re wanting a quiet dinner experience.

Like the other local sushi restaurants, Blue Nami also offers several modern fusion sushi rolls stuffed with various fried items and topped/coated with mayonnaise-based sauces. But they also offer special ‘fish of the day’ cuts, and I always ‘ooo’ and ‘aahh’ at how pretty my food looks before I eat it.

The reason that my co-workers and I like to go here versus the other local sushi places was that Blue Nami is set up to mimic a small intimate sushi bar. They don’t boom out trendy dance music or have primary colors splashed on all the walls, so you can actually carry a conversation with your co-diners in a very nice dining environment. Their staff are very friendly and attentive, having impecible timing whenever we’ve needed a drink refill or in clearing our empty plates.