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(New) Hong Kong House

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Hong Kong House
2936 Niles Ave
(old)/4075 Hollywood Rd (new)
St. Joseph, MI
(269) 983-3818

Good Food : 4.5/5 | Good Service : 4.5/5

I think that after a while, everyone ends up having a ‘favorite’ place for individual cuisine types. Your favorite italian place, your favorite burger joint, your favorite pizza parlor, etc. We have our favorite Chinese place – Hong Kong House.

Coming from the SF Bay Area, I was initially disappointed in the local selection of Chinese cuisine. When you’ve gotten used to having your choice of dim sum brunches on Sundays in San Francisco and umpteen versions of chow fun (dry and with gravy) in Chinatown, it’s disappointing to find the typical Americanized dishes like sweet and sour pork staring back at you from the menu.

Hong Kong House advertises itself as offering Hunan, Szechuan and Cantonese Chinese dishes in an effort to hit all the palates. Dishes range from the standard light Cantonese dishes like chicken with snow peas to spicy Szechuan & Hunan dishes like Mongolian beef and Kung Pao chicken.

In the past 10 years of patronizing Hong Kong House, we’ve noticed a shift in their cooking styles as they have rotated in new kitchen staff. The sauces being used are lighter and thinner, and sometimes ‘spicy’ is not spicy enough for our palates. But the overall food quality is still tops in our books.

Even though I can’t get my chow fun noodle dishes unless we do a trip to Chicago, Hong Kong House allows me to happily satisfy my Chinese food cravings :-D

August 2009 Update
Recently, Hong Kong House was forced to move – unfortunately, real estate greed hit the owner of the business plaza where their original restaurant was located for over 14 years, and their lease was sold to a new restaurant without giving them a chance to renew it. They just reopened in their new location on Hollywood Rd with a slightly different name (New Hong Kong House), but their level of food and service has not changed at all. It’s still the standard ’20 minutes’ when you call in your takeout order.